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1)I kind of really liked that period where Jarmusch was doing action movies (Deadman, Ghostdog) and think I might really enjoy him doing Spacehawk.
It might be awful but a Kathryn Bigelow helmed Metal Men would really amuse me, she gets a lot out of one dimensional characters and think could capture the heroism of the man behind these drones.

2)Nothing But Trouble included Tupac's first on screen appearance (in musical number with Digital Underground) and I want to say showed up in video stores packaged with his name on cover.

You know what Rob Zombie should direct? Killraven. I think he and Don McGregor would really bring out the worst in each other, in the best way.

Really great episode. Difference of opinion is usually the worst way to ever stage something, since it's so often artificial - but you got to this honestly and it was fantastic for it.

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