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Guardians would have been so much better if the raccoon had been a muppet just like Gonzo on the old Muppet Show.

Also, when I saw this, (unlike the cool kids in your showing) as the movie started the teen behind us saw that moving Marvel logo with the comic panels and said to his friend, "OH, this a a Marvel Studios movie! These movies are awesome!"

Which reminds me of when I saw "Sunshine of the Spotless mind." When that ended, the man behind me loudly said, "What the FUCK was that about?"

As credits rolled on A.I. someone behind me said, "Well, that was a piece of shit!"

When Kill Bill part one ended, a fellow behind me who obviously didn't realize that it was going to be continued said, "WHHAAAAAAT?"

I saw "The Crying Game" in rural upstate NY when it came out. When the "surprise" was revealed, at least 5 people got up and walked out.

I'm getting off track here. I just wanted to share.

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