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Those middle segments were great.

When Terminator 2 came out I seem to remember that Arnold's wife (Maria Shriver, who is part of the Kennedy family and thus a part of so called "High Society") didn't want him playing a villain as heartless as the terminator he playing in the first movie. I don't feel like looking up whether this is me remembering correctly but...that's a memory I have. I remember seeing him play a "likable" terminator and getting the same feeling as when I saw Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome, which was "sigh, it's been watered down to appeal to all the kids they need to get into the theater. Was T2 rated R? I forget. Anyway, Terminator was like a hold over from the 70's and T2 gave in to the Disney 80's (or 90's as it was).

I went to see T2 on opening night. We got there early to get the seats we wanted and then all the people that show up 10 minutes before the movie starts came in and couldn't sit together. The usher (a small teenager who couldn't care less about his job) came out and asked if we could all move over to let others sit together. In muttering unison we basically told him that we got here early so we could sit where we wanted. He shrugged and walked away. When Sarah gives her speech early in the movie about how men and their guns & fighting lead us to this coming "judgement day" etc... the guys sitting behind us loudly called her a liberal bitch and groaned that she should shut the f*ck up. We sat in fear after that. Not my fav, but it still had great action scenes, can't argue that. Anytime you guys want to know what going to the movies in the olden days was like, just call! Love, Tim

Shame y'all didn't talk about James Cromwell's power, window shattering suicide in Eraser.

I wished True Lies made it to the end. True lies has a special place in my heart. I saw it with parents at the theater, and I was in awe of everyone's--especially, my boy, Bill Paxton--acting and how ludicrous the story was. I swear, it's a screwball action comedy that has some many visual and verbal jokes in almost every scene. My Mom and I, to this day, quote the fuck out of that film.

"Oh yeah, she's got her head in the guy's lap all right. Yahoo.

Maybe she's sleepy."

After listening, I went ahead and watched Escape Plan. I liked the movie, but even if it sucked, it would have been worth sitting through the whole 2 hours just to catch the ten-second scene with the Asian guy in the engine room. So wonderful.

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