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here's an essay rosa wrote on why he wanted to retire.

there's also audio somewhere on the www of a don rosa spotlight panel that gary groth moderated at sdcc. there's much biographical information in that one. there's also a video tour on of his home on youtube that gives you a glimpse of his immense comic book collection.

if you follow don rosa on facebook, you'll see how HUGE he is in europe. he just finished a signing tour that's really well documented by his fb admins. it's a strange contrast to when i met him at mid-ohio con a few years ago, where i think i might have been the only person to speak to him for the duration of the show. poor guy was literally twiddling his thumbs...

Hatchi is a fucking nuclear bomb of emotions; I was tearing like a baby through that film.

I LOVE that Junji Ito manga! I'm surprised you didn't talk about--well, I gues you would have if you didn't get cut--about the ghost faces on the cat's (or is it both of them) back.

The times when Ito gets really sweaty reminds me of his short comic, Grease. Ugh, as much as people say Gyo is disgusting, I have give that award to Grease. It's one of those rare comics that made me dry heave a bit.

I feel that Ito has a comic for everyone. He's done so fucking much that it's close to impossible for someone not to like one of them. His comics, Army of One and Splatter Film, scared and unnerved the ever living shit out of me.

Ha ha, I dunno if you saw them, but in the book he includes photos of the cats so you can rest assured the ghost face is REAL.

I'd like to see more of Itō's longest serial work: Yukoku no Rasputin, a six-volume suspense thriller he drew for Takashi Nagasaki, the guy who edits and co-writes Naoki Urasawa's stuff... I have an issue of Big Comic from while it was running, and he gets into some wild Basil Wolverton caricature stuff. I suppose VIZ would have the first option to release it...

This is totally off topic but I thought it might be of interest to listeners of this podcast. Someone is selling what appear to be multiple copies of the super hard-to-find Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show by Suehiro Maruo on eBay for a VERY reasonable price. Get em' while you can kids.


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