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Another typically entertaining broadcast, gents!

I was surprised, though, that Matt found NAMELESS' script incoherent and so lacking in the set-up that first issues should provide. For me, the opening scenes with the larvae and frog creatures defined Nameless as skilled at navigating impossibly weird layers of reality, and by the end of the issue, we have a sense of his personality (he's a smart-ass "expert on the occult") with a traumatic background ("We know about the breakdown") who is given a goal (stop the asteroid from hitting the Earth). And thus the narrative exposition clicks into place...

Incidentally: A smart-ass "expert on the occult" with a hinted-at trauma in his background? Repeated references to Malkuth, Yesod, and other spheres of the thirty-two paths of the Tarot/Kaballah? Do I hear the power chord of a Scottish cover band?

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