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I don't love or hate Michael Mann and I haven't see ALL of his films, but the films I have seen have characters who seem to be cold and soulless. The camera shots and lighting even seem to lack any warmth. If he has someone on fire riding in a wheelchair, I don't really feel anything for that clinical bit of film making I just witnessed. Close ups of the interiors of phones and drills start to go somewhere interesting, but those shots are few and far apart.

I thought I had left a comment on this before but I guess I didn't.

Know that I was pretty on board with your PoI discussion and appreciated the shoutout I got for always bothering you about talking about PoI in the comments. Now if you'd just fulfill the other comment request I made a couple years ago and do an all Walter Hill cast.....

Also, if you were interested in watching a good Chris Hemsworth movie, I really really liked that Ron Howard movie Rush.

Hey, never make another comment request.

You don't want to lose that 25% of your commentor base

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