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Fascinating show as always, gents. But a complaint: one this episode and others, I feel like you guys spend too much time talking about the marketing of comics (how packaged, where sold, what intended audience is) and not enough on the comics themselves.

I think in this case the localization of the material was of unusual and critical interest... to the point where I would not feel I'd adequately discussed Tatsumi in English without addressing that aspect.

Incidentally, here is the Ng Suat Tong review to which I refer in the show:


Be sure to read the comments for a veritable who's who of upper-tier critics of the day explaining why Tatsumi's comics are absolute fucking garbage.

Just wanted to say I love these episodes centered around an artist and their body of work. Like the one about Tim Vigil's Faust has always been my favorite. And like Vigil, I haven't read a single thing by Tatsumi, but now I'm planning on picking up Black Blizzard.

Hey thanks Scales! I wish there were more Vigil/Tatsumi type subjects. Maybe Arsene Schrauwen someday?

Jeet--I understand the complaint. However, I personally find that stuff to be extremely engaging when dealing with an art form whose very existence is so tied up with the nature of its availability, and wherein the history gets written by that availability. Sell through and marketing is, to my mind, something that has to be talked about. I appreciate you listening to the show.

Agreed, an excellent episode. And one on Arsene Schrauwen would be fantastic - there's a subject ripe for in-depth discussion. I also greatly enjoyed you guys' discussion of Seiichi Hayashi a while back.

I agree with Scales: I love the focus casts in a single work or artist.

One on Schrauwenn would be fabulous! I love the times y'all have talked about him and I would love to see it go more in-depth.

Joe- thanks for that link: it was a fascinating read, especially the comments.

Can't wait for the next cast.

I found the discussion of Tatsumi's contexts very interesting, and as I have gone back to reread my copy of 'The Push Man' in light of it. I actually find I appreciate it much more thinking of Tatsumi, the grandfather of gekiga, as the wierd old man outsider artist living in the basement rather than some sort of lionized representation of literary respectability-- I remember being totally turned off by the stories on first read, expecting something more based on the sales pitch.

If you are taking votes for single-artist focus episodes: Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Hernandez, Lynda Barry.

Great episode, Matt was missed on this. I enjoyed the focus on marketing, it provided a perspective I hadn't known. Aside: A Drifting Life was a chore. I liked the Good Bye and Push Man volumes a lot. I should look at Black Blizzard I guess. Thanks thanks.

The way Tatsumi's material was released in the west seems to be a big part of the story of his work. The semi-accident of Catalan Communications pushing out that book of his work (which was one of my first exposures to manga for adults) led to Tatsumi's western fanbase. It sounds like it didn't happen because Catalan went looking for a Great Acclaimed Manga-ka to unveil to the west; more like they were moneyballing, finding an affordably overlooked artist who didn't stink. Or something. Had they selected some other mid-level cartoonist to stick in that publishing schedule slot, who knows how Tomine would have responded.

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