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i loved this episode! i laughed hard at the Willem Dafoe part. i also love when you guys make fun of superhero movies, do more of that. ;)

That is a screenshot of my very favorite scene from Daredevil. It is amazing and emotionally moving.

Excellent piece on Hype Williams and BELLY: http://filmcomment.com/entry/bombast-belly-hype-williams

Thanks for the heads up on the Batman trailer if I had watched that cold I would have shat . . . myself.

You guys are making me want to see every single DC movie. Well except Man of Steel maybe.

Or maybe I will see MoS too.

My name is in the issue of Doom Patrol with the beard killer. The guy who shares my name is a comic critic who gets killed by the beard killer for not enjoying his comic.

Cool boring story.

Oh well.

It's due time Robert Loggia's orange juice commercial received the acclaim it truly deserves. Well done.

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