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Oh man, The Executioner! My Dad is a huge fan of that series.

I remember my Dad telling me how sad he got when he had to sell them because when my parents moved out of their house into their new one, it had no space for the books. A couple years go by and some space opens up and my Dad wants to fill it with books. We drove up to this bookstore in Ohio that's about four or five hours away from where we lived, and at the bookstore he was able to get almost every The Executioner book he sold. And the way the back he decided, in heavy detail, to tells me the plot, character and kill styles of every Executioner book he bought; it was a the greatest fucking time of my life. There was such a joy in his voice when he would tell how Mack Bolan would inventively kill some international terrorist. It was like listening to you two talk about headshots, fight scenes and kills. I know now almost everything about the series without ever reading it.

Also, top notch cast y'all.

The last one with Jeske was great too; I love the Jeske & Witzke duo.

So disappointed Tucker didn't see It Follows. I'm also not sure if he would like it, but was wondering what he thought of it.

On another note, I hear they're already making a movie based on the reviews of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2." Fingers crossed.

Another great podcast, guys.

Tucker, if you ever actually watch Tokyo Drift, you should pair it off with Better Luck Tomorrow. Watching BLT first does a good job of informing what's going on with Han's character in Drift and makes the movie actually interesting. Without that angle, there really just isn't much there.

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