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This talk given by John Soule and 2nd Unit Cinematographer David Burr, https://vimeo.com/127381179, is amazing. The most inside baseball shit ever, it's a less cautious version of the interview Joe alluded to in the podcast, Soule repeatedly says this doesn't go past these four walls (but I guess the Society just dumped it on the internet anyway).

It's a fairly complete outline of the trials and frustrations of mega-budget digital film making told by a great speaker, with various stories that make the whole things seem like even thirty years ago the production would have been a complete disaster with several actual real deaths.

Great episode. And Frank, thanks for the link, that looks amazing.

Can't argue with much of anything you said.

Bummed me out when the Interceptor went down too. Good 'cast yo.

This was a great episode.

Regarding whether or not Mad Max has a daughter, I think these Mad Max movies aren't really trying to maintain any real continuity between them. They're more like Leone's Clint Eastwood movies, only in these the Man With No Name has the same name (and vaguely the same back story) each time. That's why the same actors pop up in the different movies playing different characters (a la Lee Van Cleef), why the apocalypse has different causes in each installment, and why he'll probably have the Interceptor back the next time around. If the next movie goes back to Furiosa and continues the story directly, it will be a new thing in the series.

Oh yeah, me and Morgan talk about some of the same things in the episode after this one. I hope they don't make Furiosa 2, I hope they make Charlize the female gunman looking for revenge in the next one like Sharon Stone in the Quick and the Dead/Bloody Benton in Sukiyaki.

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