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Dirtbombs are my favorite band, never expected to see them up in TFO. Looking forward to the podcast on my commute (:

Great episode, gonna check out The Dirtbombs in short order. I have to say though, considering this ep focuses on dance rock/rock to dance transitions and focuses on part on Howie, I'm surprised you guys didn't bring up his Earthling album, which was basically him assimilating drum n' bass and Tricky and making this odd rock/proto-EDM hybrid. 90s as fuck, as you might guess, but there's some legitimately great tracks on there. Funny that his last time in the mainstream consciousness and grabbing for a popular audience saw him taking on dance culture yet again.

Thanks guys! Great point about Bowie - he seems to have consistently tried to interface with current music on his own terms. I remember when Earthling came out and the consensus was that it felt like a comeback album.

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