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Inferno, ride or die.

What are some comedy comics y'all recommend?

Two questions gent: what's that Demon comic you guys are talking about? And what is this other podcast Joe does?

Yes, what is this demon comic, please?

It's called Demon, written and drawn by Jason Shiga. Currently it's available on his website, where you can also buy issues. Apparently First Second is going to publish collections of it, I don't know if that means they are going to be allowed to change anything. I would advise not waiting to find out.

So can I assume that Providence is TFO approved?

Jeet, I'm doing an Inkstuds appearance, if and when it is successfully recorded (attempt #1 ended with a Vancouver blackout!)...

great...between you guys and tom spurgeon and robin mcconnell and all your talking about good comics and patreon and good comics and links, it's a wonder i have money to pay the damn rent. time to raid the old long boxes and cash in on all that movie development, first appearance, pre-unity valiant hoo-ha so all these fine folks can get 'em a sandwich. i'm not really a fan of first second's production values...

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