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A great movie directed by an actor: Night of the Hunter, Charles Laughton.

Angst and Come and See are both incredible, you guys should check them out!

So glad to hear CROSS OF IRON get discussed. Even though it stops instead of ending, it's such a committed movie that it has real weight and effect behind it. I think it's the movie Peckinpah wanted MAJOR DUNDEE to be (and that it kinda is in terms of that stopping rather than ending) but he couldn't make work because he liked the main character too much.

As someone who likes Dune, even I will say it's not a book that makes a good movie or that good a book, as it's 99% people talking in rooms or thinking about the conversation they just had in a room. There's not really enough action in it to build a movie out of.

I can't tell if it's Rising Sun or The Art of War that Sean hates

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