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Last House, Nightmare 1, and New Nightmare are pretty much like treasure.

For all that sometimes Craven doesn't work, I really liked that in his movies that didn't entirely work there was always some really crazy bit of business that I'd remember whatever the failings of the movie (like the dog having a flashback in Hills Have Eyes 2) that's just so crazy you can't forget it. Given that so many movies now just pass by the boards without even attempting something as off-plan as that.

Also, the only thing you need to read for "Inferno" is that Daredevil issue where he fights a dentist who ate a truck.

RETRACTION: John Keogh has informed me he has read Preacher, which I assumed he hadn't read because I'm dumb. This has been a retraction.

Ben Gabriel has a great Craven piece over at New Inquiry y'all should check out: http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/craven-family-values/

Haven't seen nearly enough of Craven' work to have strong opinions on him one way or the other just yet, but greatly enjoyed what I have seen and looking forward to digging into Last House and Hills (as much as you can "look forward to" that kind of experince).

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