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The problem I had with CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE is that they were really picky cannibals. Two bites of a guy, and they were pretty much done.

C'mon Saxon--waste not, want not.

Looking forward to your podcast on AT THE MOUNTAIN DEW CODE RED OF MADNESS or whatever that Tom Cruise punches Cthulu movie ends up being called.

Listened to this podcast then read alien salvation, the old Mignola and Dave gibbons alien short and sure enough it has cannabalism in the middle of it.

Unrelatedly, am I the last person to hear that Miike is directing the blade of the immortal movie?

Since Sean sort of asked, the Cotillard/moon landing comment was an Ignatiy Vishnevetsky tweet: https://twitter.com/vishnevetsky/status/649313731940384768

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