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Tucker, have you ever heard of the Mack Bolan Executioner novel series? Marvel shamelessly ripped it off to make the Punisher. It's pretty amazing in similar ways to the way you describe the Jack Reacher books. There's been about one Execution novel out every month since the '60s.

You guys release the new Bicklicker Dozen yet? I didn't get no notification. Patreon page useless. GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR!

Love the show, as always.

Sorry James, I totally forgot to put that up. The patreon post is up now!

Oh man, Mack Bolan Executioner is fantastic. I have fond memories of that series.

My father used to read those and he would tell me, whenever we had long drives, about all the ways Bolan used to kill me in extravagant detail. I never read them, but I read them through my father. I think that counts

The best part is how every one of them begins with a philosophical quote on war and violence followed by a quote from Mack Bolan commenting on that quote.

This sounds fucking fantastic

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