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Guys, have you had a chance to read Josh Simmons' HABIT #2 yet? A late dark-horse contender for best one-man anthology--although it might not count, since in HABIT #2 Simmons collaborates with Eric Reynolds, Ben Horak, and (yes!) Tom Van Deusen.

Naw but that cover is da bomb

Van Deusen! No, but i'll definitely keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the reminder Craig!

The collab with Van Deusen in Habit #2 is fucking hilarious.

I'm surprised that Black River by Josh Simmons wasn't part of the list. If Providence is about the dread that's outside the pages, underskin, then Black River is dread right in your fucking face. It's so alive, so palpating and it's Simon's at his absolute best. It's also his darkest, nihilistic work I've read to date. It stuck with me for days after I read it and it's the best example of how to do a horror/post-apocalyptic comic.

I can't wait for Beto's bible re-telling and hope to get awkward hard-ons like I did when I read Moore's and Gebbie's Lost Girls.

One more thing: Beto is a national treasure. A goddamn national treasure!

It's amazing how much he churns out every year and the quality of them. I don't know how he does it.

I would love for y'all to talk about the magical realism and deformism that is prevalent in his comics; more the latter than the former, maybe.

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