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Oh man, please do an all Chang Cheh Bickle. I'd love to hear what you guys make of FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS.

That is a movie which gives no fucks, at all.

I was pumped to hear some Bakshi discussion. I'm a big fan of his, but I haven't seen Coonskin yet. American Pop is one of my favorite movies.

And to the commenter above me, heck yeah FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS!

Also also, about the talk about anti Japanese propaganda in 7 Man Army, I lived in Japan for several years so I got to observe first hand how all those east Asia countries hate each other and feel superior to each other. It's almost a different level of nationalism and racism than what we have here.

Bakshi's recent "The Last Days of Coney Island" continues (and, I guess, sort of tries to 'process') the homosexual caricatures in his earlier films... the whole thing is a very deliberate throwback to that early-to-mid-'70s period of his work. Just as vignette-driven as the older stuff too, albeit much shorter...

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