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For those interested in watching the BAM talk with Michael Mann...it's out there "you just gotta know how to grab it. you just gotta know how to grab it"


great episode, gentlemen. and thanks for the link, morgan. and yeah, tucker, you should watch that robert rodriguez show. it's alright.

i hope yer all's comments on public enemies don't spoil my planned re-watch...i've been working on a personal mann retrospective for about a year. i haven't seen public enemies in about 7 or 8 (6 or 7?)years, but i remember quite liking it.

i just watched ali for the first time last night...didn't like that one too much. it seemed a string of scenes that didn't really flesh out the story too well. i guess it was kind of pretty, and the only thing i've seen will smith in that i thought he pulled his weight, but didn't really satisfy my desire to know more about ali. i suppose there's probably a definitive biography out there.

I edited your comment because you spoiled literally the only thing spoilers actually matter on.

Also learning about one of the most important public figures of the 20th century is something you should get on before commenting on a podcast, jesus christ.

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