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Have you guys played those recent Batman video games? I keep reading that the warehouse scene is directly taken from one of them.

No I don't play video games. I hate the taste of mountain dew and don't spend all day threatening to rape women on reddit.

I had no interest in seeing BVS but now I'm intrigued. Dammit, guys.

Also, the guy who made This House Has People In It is Alan Resnick. His Alan Tutorial series is well worth checking out. https://www.youtube.com/user/alantutorial

so good you two

I actually really liked the "Martha" conclusion to the fight because I thought it was a great illustration of how Batman and Superman were just little boys who can't grow up

Stop licking that bone.


I actually figured out what you're talking about Rick, with the video games. There are two moves from the warehouse that are from the video game, the main one being him grabbing a box and hurling it at a dude.

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