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Well done interview. I guess I'll pass on watching "Heat" then, since I've never seen it.

Hi Tucker,
I appreciate the honesty and regret in the remembrance (and while I haven't read that long interview since it came out, it was great and I will get back to it soon). I didn't know Cooke at all and so was left to talk about him as just a fan who, when Cooke died, had essentially boycotted him due to Before Watchmen. It's pretty common for artists and people you know to disappoint you in some way and you either accept it and forgive or don't, I guess based on the offense and how much they mean to you, the history, etc. Anyway, it's here: http://christopherallen.tumblr.com/post/144418621704/rip-darwyn-cooke-1962-2016. Thanks again for writing that.

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