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Enjoyed the discussion about the Godzilla films. Chris is really right that they're never really satisfying as choreographed fights, but rather a culmination of the tokusatsu aesthetic. The enjoyment comes from the suits, the miniatures and the pyrotechnics (Nakano was an unsung master). In a lot of ways, the Gamera films do a much better job of making the fights compelling by making them essentially visual problem-solving. How do I shield myself from a lazer the cuts through anything? How can I pass this monster's force-field? That type of thing.

Chris mentioned wanting to see Varan, and I'd actually stay away from that one. It was originally supposed to be a joint-American production direct to television that had its funding pulled last second, so they gave it to Honda fresh off Rodan (which is great, and starts off as a mining horror film). It's basically a rote remake of the original Godzilla.

The book is called Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters, its really an amazing read.
Great episode guys!

Pretty stoked you guys had Ready on the show. I've been reading that cat's blog for years, great addition to the Bicklicker crew.

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