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I regret to inform you all that I confused the Boss Black spokesman: it's not Charles Bronson, it's Tommy Lee Jones. Charles Bronson advertised Mandom cologne in Japan.

I thought the CAB crowd was pretty thin. I was able to see everyone I wanted to rather than skip some due to huge crowds. My 2 cents,

It's hard for me to look at Ditko's recent output and not conclude that he absorbed criticisms of his older Randian, black and white work on some level. His views haven't softened but his didacticism is restricted to satire, where it's entertainingly venomous, while his serious stories are a successful return to drama: supernatural morality plays that focus on the emotional and psychological extremities of human characters, and superhero adventures that are ethically murkier than you'd expect: for example, an episode of The !? involves the vigilante/boxer hero's efforts to save a corrupt judge from assassination because the judge maintains an underworld equilibrium that's preferable to the alternative—not a very Mr. A or Rorschach thing to do. These comics are like a thematic survey of Ditko's career, but drawn in a graphically adventurous style so they land between the various fan communities that might champion them. Meanwhile, the media keeps peddling the no interviews story, because who wants to read?

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