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I forgot to mention one of mine - Amandine Meyer's short from "Dome". The best one page comic of the year by a healthy margin, expands on and deepens one of the many new and un-taken up blueprints for comics laid down by Chris ware in early Acme novelty library. Very good shit. She also had some really great looking stuff in the new Kramers.

Is there any way to read Dome online? You guys have seriously had me thinking about a couple of these anthologies all year just from Matt's descriptions of them.

As always, thank you guys for doing this. Awesome list.

They don't put their stuff online - but they are dropping a pretty badass looking new one next month. Worth looking out for if you're quick enough on the trigger.

Thanks guys. The only best-of lists that make sense.

Chris, if you're out there, what did you not like about Blubber #2? I thought it was even better than #1. #3 felt like a little step back, but still better than most things I read.

I'm still a little depressed that Providence seems to be totally outside of the "discourse" again.

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