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Apparently there are two sequels to Kraven's Last Hunt. There was a direct sequel drawn by Mike Zeck. At the same time in Spectacular Spider-Man DeMatteis was writing about the rehabilitation of Vermin. Those Spectacular issues have plenty of overwrought interior monologues and goofy psychoanalytic mumbo jumbo. They also have some interesting art from Sal Buscema. Buscema was inking his own work and his art became really angular and expressive. I think that was his answer to the style popularized by McFarlane and Larsen.

Anyway, in this arc Mary Jane can't keep track of villain names and Peter has developed a fear of cemeteries. Spider-man also goes on his own native american vision quest with an unfortunate lack of Green Arrow style nudity.

Unforgivably, we would have to wait until the 2006-07 Kaare Andrews miniseries Spider-Man: Reign to see Parker's dick, and I think that might have gotten edited out in the collected edition.

...and now he just can't stop whippin' it out!


Jog - Parker's dick was, in fact, edited out in the collected edition of Spider-Man: Reign (obscured with an unattractive photoshop blob) thus robbing all of us who pooped $$$ for the hardcover. However, one can still enjoy the sight of geezer Parker's junk in my subtly placed link.

Zeck's semi-cartoony art was also very nice in the SHANG-CHI: MASTER OF KUNG FU series where, I believe, he got his start at Marvel (after Charlton).

My Green Arrow pitch is having Jeffrey Brown draw the secret origin of Wild Dog.

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