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CORRECTION: Hellboy was not initially pitched to (and rejected by) DC, as was stated on the podcast.

"...as the nineties LOOMed..."

james robinson had a brief run on 'cable' directly preceding the legendary joe casey/ jose ladronn run.

Was it good? Because let me tell you pal: round 2 ain't going so well.

i have no idea...i came on board for joe casey. i do know that robinson left mid-storyline. casey's first 2 issues were the last 2 (of a 6 issue story) from robinson's run. i don't know what were the circumstances of his departure.

Tucker Stone asks some robust questions about the real social value of “transgressive” art. I’m inclined to think that carnivalesque suspending or tweaking of social/moral norms can be valuable when it gives marginalized people a sense of their own value and possibilities.

In the 90s I flipped through some book on transgressive comedians and was confused to find that the author didn’t approve of Sam Kinison, who was my idea of a transgressive comic. Only with experience did I realize that Kinison’s aggressively entitled gay-bashing bro-comedy was violating my middle-class norms of politeness, but reinforcing regressive norms about gender and sexuality; a real dipshit brand of transgression. Crumb plays with many kinds of transgression, from life-enhancing to toxic. He’s right up/down there with D. W. Griffith, an artist we can neither embrace or dismiss.

I couldn't have said it better myself, and I didn't. Thanks Aaron. You nailed it.

Thank you for your kind words, Tucker! You're the one who got me thinking about it.

Anyway, Scott Bukatman has written a book titled Hellboy's world : comics and monsters on the margins. I've only peeked into it, but it's got a nice Walter Benjamin excerpt in the intro. I get all my Walter Benjamin in excerpts, but I always enjoy it.

They say yall in oakland too

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