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Yo, nice lists fellas (or conversation long containers that can only hold ten items in Morgan's case). I echo the thoughts on I, Daniel Blake. Tremendous, the only other time I cried during the year was when they faded to the real photograph at the end of the Emily Dickenson movie.

Any love or hate for Song to Song?
I really liked that one, at least more than the last Malick with Christian Bale. I thought the storytelling really clicked in with the movie-making on this one. I mean nothing major happens plot wise but it did feel quite new somehow. Skipping around these peoples lives, jumping to different cities, hearing some conversations, Cate Blanchet for a little bit, Rooney Mara talking to her dad, Iggy pop for a bit, all the different types of cameras and edits. I thought it was the most successful version of whatever he's experimenting with.


I didn't care for Knight Of Cups and thus was hesitant to rejoin Malick's wave. I did plan to get around to this one eventually because I've heard similar sentiments from non-devotees.

Maybe wrong place, wrong time, but I just saw an article on the Tarantino Manson movie.
As I know this might(?) be something you all are looking forward to, I want to ask why anyone thinks this movie is a good idea.
In one of your podcasts, I recall Tucker talking about Sharon Tate begging for her life, and how troubling that was. Why should Tarantino, of all people, be put in charge of this delicate tragedy? To me, this looks like an impending train crash of a project. People might even dig it when it comes out, but that looks like an awful reality I wish would be avoided.

Won't somebody think of the children

Oops, sorry. Forgot whose pool I was playing in. It's yours, shouldn't have waded in. Enjoy.

Jon - I'm not looking forward to it. I don't like him though...I'm going to soft agree with your sentiments. Like, what value is there in depicting the actual event? (it has been done many times over anyway) That being said it's a work that doesn't exist yet so what's to discuss.

Morgan. Appreciated.
Sean. By all means, he can make it. Kids can watch it. I don’t care.
What I find distasteful is using real tragedy to titilate.
But like Morgan said, it hasn’t been made, so who’s to say that’s the way it’ll go.
I will be cringing as I wait to find out though. Not looking forward to it. Peace.

Well, this took a turn

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