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Yo, nice show fellas.

Regarding Sean's 'I don't know what our weirdness is' refering to possible cultural patterns to be found in the big popular American movies of 2010s.

I don't know. Are there any being left there? Is it all just big intellectual property owning corporations making stuff that'll play to the largest worldwide auidiences. I guess someone did got Robert Redford to talk about drones in that one movie though..

I think it was Sean who has pointed out before, once Disney got Favreau out of there, they stopped having any contemporary stuff in there. And like Tucker has pointed out they could then just have all thier shit refer to their own shit, and make the film releases follow the strategy of super hero comics.
This reminds me of hearing Frank Santoro say in 2007? that you wouldn't be able to tell that America was in a war in the Middle East by just reading comics at the time, even alternative comics.

So far as you guys have observed some of the only real patterns are Michael Bay, the Nolans and Tom Cruise. But they're not really that representative of now.

Would the Counter argument be Katherine Bigelow or Spike Lee?

My own candidate for a 2010s trend, is just, a rejection of the observation of contemporary time and place, at all.

After Zero Dark Thirty and the Social Network I don't remember a lot of 'contemporary' stuff being the popular release.

There was some stuff on surveillance and drones in Dark Knight and stuff, but that was better handled on 24 and P.O.I. and even then as Tucker has said, it just helps us ignore the issue to have it fictionalised as kneecapping entertainment.

Even James Bond lost contemporaranity, after everyone was like FUCK Quantum of Solace, they switched to spectacle and self-reference (and old school British way stuff). Quantum did try for fully contemporary stuff, at least in the non vengance-searching-for-meaning-in-the-dirt-and-ice-cold-airplane-booze bits. "What's keeping you awake..".

It really seems like every single trailer is/was a period piece, or an adaptation of some really heightened thing. Even the good versions of that stuff like The Nice Guys or Highrise are still not that contemporary, even as a reflecting glass.

I guess the counter argument to that would be Get Out and The People vs O.J Simpson.

But, I mean the most exciting thing about Search Party and Atlanta (or Girls I guess,) was the fact that it was set now and that the people were now people.

Is it really just that, any more-than-surface-level aknowlegment of contemporary life is not marketable to a large enough auidience?

I guess, the real battles to improve contemporary life actually require immidiate attention, and taking two years to make a movie like They Live just isn't an option anymore. But shit that isn't actually an option because there's no budgets for that size movie around and the people that can get it together just make Genre stuff like Green Room or The Purge.

At least back when they were inventing the franchise I.Ps they sometimes got artists so you could get a Robocop.

Well I guess the counter argument to that would be Get Out again or Atlanta or A Handmaids Tale or Nerve or Search Party, or that alternate history show they might make about Black Americans using reparations to form a Parrallel Country after the civil war.

Arr god my brain is broken now. Thank you Mr Lynch; please Showtime now give Mr Adrian Lynde his Red Curtain money. What Am I saying '10s Trends? Fuck this is all gibberish. It's all too complicated, there's too many moving parts! we're too close to the aparatus! Not enough has changed. To use one of the shows conversational rip chords 'Time.. it's a river,. I can't.. I can't hold this river in my hands.'.

In summary the 2000s had Bush torture porn, and the 2010s has Disney steadily buying up and homogenising any content that you didn't create yourself. (and like Sean said, boring ass sex. The last sexy thing before everyone started filming thier own porn were those Gossip Girl teaser Posters).

Please forgive the ramblings, I just love this show so much fellas, and this is my only turnipstand.

I thought there would be soap eating...Everyone should eat a bug. Hey Pod People: I Dare You To Eat A Bug.

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