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You guys gotta add the Winona Ryder - Keanu movie to the upcoming list. 'Destination Wedding'.

I'm going to be the guy Sean yells at in the comments this week, by noting that Jeff VanderMeer (the author of Annihilation) is a legit genre guy, you can't be too literary if you've written a book called The Steampunk Bible or a Predator tie in novel to the Dark Horse comics.

He's a better author than that title implies (not that much better but it's a low bar). Although he's an even better anthologist of genre fiction, editing with his wife (Ann VanderMeer who's very influential as an editor and small press publisher, putting out the Leena Krohn translations which are fucking amazing) a number of massive collections including one on Time Travel and one filled with as much Sci-Fi as possible.

The best, which I heavily recommend people check out, is The Weird, basically a thesis statement on the type of literary horror that VanDerMeer generally attempts to write, and which includes long time Factual Opinion favourite, Brian Evenson (thank you, Tucker, for introducing him all those years ago, following him and his own influences and recommendations has been massively rewarding). It's huge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Weird.

I'm also going to suggest Animal Money and Member by Michael Cisco, an author the Vandermeers have really pushed.

Yeah man all of that's cool, I don't care that much to get mad. I said all that not knowing anything about the guy, more bitching about the general deal. I had to go see Jennifer Egan present that Goon Squad book in college, and I'm still rolling my eyes about it.

Though I love it when sneering pretentious artists make genre MOVIES.

I'm adding my pointless bits of info: For boring reasons I won't go into, I read Patriot Games back when it came out. The main character in the book is a woman who is sexually blackmailed by a spy (I think. Been a while), while Jack Ryan has a smaller role. The whole book revolves around this woman. She is in the movie, but killed off rather early if I remember. Thus, allowing the movie to revolve around Harrison Ford.

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