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Tucker, I'm curious what your favorite scores are? Also, which (other) scores do you listen to for your workouts? Any Bane/Superman/Hans Zimmer power anthems in that playlist?

You got me! I don't actually listen to true scores for workouts anymore, but I did used to like listening to Last of the Mohicans when I would run long distances. If I was to go back to distance running, I imagine scores would come back to, but that doesn't seem likely. I used to listen to the Heat soundtrack a lot, Tangerine Dream stuff from Risky Business, that Goblin album--my thing with music in movies is that it's more about replicating the feeling that I would get from watching the movie, the emotional response I'd have to a scene. So listening to the music is more about an attempt to bring about that same response without the film. In most cases, I think you could trace my likes to movies I've watched repeatedly--so The Thing becomes my favorite Carpenter score because I've watched that movie far more than the rest of his, The Insider and Heat are my favorite Mann because I bought those CD's and played them endlessly.

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