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That was great. Excellent ep.

I wasn't really planning to see Assassinatin Nation, but decided to go based on your recommendation.
Good stuff!

Hey guys. I saw High Life at TIFF and Denis introduced it going "Look. I know I make these incredibly brutal and violent movies but to me this is probably my most heartwarming film and it's a beautiful story about a father and daughter." She is super calm and she is incredibly sincere saying this so I'm like "wait is this gonna be a tone down from what she's been doing recently is this gonna be like Friday Night* or her version of Interstellar?" So then the movie starts or the movie is happening and without spoiling anything it's aggressively not shy about being a space prison movie and there is a scene specifically where I just go "wait when does this get heartwarming?" And the thing is it actually does become this incredibly moving piece of work. She wasn't lying but like what you guys said there are genuine surprises when it comes to her movies. She's a real deal.

Also saw the new Shinya Tsukamoto movie which is pretty good and he told a story about how he almost flew off a helicopter going over Niagara Falls.

*you guys should cover that movie it rules.

hey. where is the pic the the top of the post from?

Thanks all!

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