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I have also done that Hawaii bike ride, it was awesome. On the way there we saw an entire sugar field on fire and then we got pulled over for a broken tail light. Our driver didn’t have a license so my dad had to drive the van to the drop off location. We made it just in time to see the sunrise on my mom’s 50th birthday. Very memorable.

Something I was surprised you didn't talk about is how masterful this movie is, and how, ultimately, what a waste that is. Within the first 10 minutes, I was reminded that I was in the hands of a director that has his game down to a science. Everything from camera moves to props to direction is spot on. But I think we come to realize that this is a master with not too much to say, at least for the vast majority of people. His interests appear to be strictly small-minded, only concerned with a single point of view moving through the world. He really fails when he tries to grasp any larger, cultural significance. Take, for instance, the scene with Leo and the child actor. About ten seconds in, I wished it was over. Yes, out with the old in the with the new; spare us, you've already made this point. All of this said, I've never looked forward to a movie more, and I've never laughed so hard; a pity the last 40 minutes were so tedious. To sum up my theory of Tarantino as a wasted auteur, imagine if Kafka had only ever written about his neighborhood cafe, the price of bagels, the horrible street musicians. That would have been a talent wasted. Unfortunately, that is what we have in Tarantino: a myopic genius or, as a friend once said, "the good Ed Wood".

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