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I missed this podcast a lot. (I hope I don't have to wait 10 years for the next one.) And I want to say that was perhaps the most moving episode yet. (I was slightly surprised that you didn't include The River at Night after you guys massive dissection of it in an earlier podcast, which made me realize that all those disparate Ganges comics were one large work!)

FWIW, I wrote about “The River At Night” here: http://www.tcj.com/memoirs-of-an-insomnious-man-kevin-huizengas-the-river-at-night/

Nice work boys. The one that's never left my coffee table and that I must read every time in the 'Grip'-like trance is 'The Blonde Woman' Aidan Koch. Her other short comics are like mythic cheat codes to me now, only ever heard described by you guys or glimpsed one random page at a time in out-of-focus review screenshots.

I almost had the Blonde Woman on my list but swapped it out at the last minute for Davis' book. It's definitely worthy of being included on any best of the decade list.

Aha, I definitely agree with the swappage. What you guys said about the way Davis' book fits in to storytelling in the modern world (or the American life of the now) totally makes sense and is the more important thing to be talking about now.
What I get out of The Blonde Woman is much more about classical techniques and like O.G French style-existentialism. The book is so full of techniques and emotion, and consciousness! So many simple things (The hair being brushed straight in front of the mirror, the bare feet on the wooden floorboards) effortless ways to communicate things, with multiple meanings. - The painterly techniques, the classic prose narration techniques, the interior design techniques! - so much stuff that I understood immediately on reading it first time and yet am still thinking of in different ways now. It's all so exciting, there's so much in there, the book is such a pleasurable Venn diagram, different parts of the brain being flamed at once Three Stooges cramming-through-the-door style. So much stuff still to steal from- I mean stuff to um, internalize.;D!

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