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Couple things that seem relevant: The forthcoming Grande Odalisque is Ruppert and Mulot collaborating with Bastien Vives, and from what I can tell, Vives draws the faces on the characters, same as the faces here bear Schrauwen's mark. Ruppert and Mulot also did a project I think at Angouleme where they organized this vast "jam" comic, "Maison Close" where they drew all the backgrounds/panel borders for a comic set at a brothel-- women autobio cartoonists inserted their characters as the prostitutes, while men (Trondheim's the only one I can remember) drew themselves as the johns. And obviously, their work just as a duo is collaborative to a high degree where they essentially have a single "style" and there's nothing you can cite as definitively the marks of one or the other, so that would give them a background in a framework where other artists can collaborate seamlessly with them.

I do recall the Maison Close project, in that I recall Chantal Montellier mocking the concept’s gendered provocation... ‘icy’ cartoonists who could not be further apart.

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