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I love the potted history of Tsuge's attitude towards his career: "I've made a comic...Everyone hates it... I suck, I'm through with comics...I've made another comic...it's awful...I quit". It reminds me of one of Brunetti's old bio strips where Louise Brooks or James Thurber would walk around and lament how crappy their lives were.

I haven't read The Man Without Talent so maybe this is covered in the background info by Holmberg, but I remember reading years ago that Tsuge's wife (Maki Fujiwara) was *pissed* and Tsuge was apologetic that readers thought he based the book's unsupportive, haranguing wife on her, especially since by all accounts she had been extremely supportive of him and put up with all his shit over the years.

Holmberg’s take is quite different... he alludes to “standoffs and blowouts” between the spouses that dwarf the material in Man Without Talent, drawing from both Tsuge’s published diaries and Maki Fujiwara’s own 1982 book Watashi no e-nikki... neither available in English, of course!

Thanks so much for turning me on to this!!

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