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I'll confess that Crepax has never done anything for me. I mean the drawings are interesting enough but the stories ... meh. So the idea that he's in the same league as the Hernandez Bros. -- let alone he's better than the Bros. -- is mindboggling. But I'll give these books a chance.

Jeet, I am not saying that Crepax is qualitatively or thematically similar to the Hernandez Brothers, I am saying that the “Valentina” stories evolve in a parallel manner, both in terms of picking up and discarding generic/surreal traits and depicting the relationships of the characters and their shifting circle of acquaintances in a quasi-real-time manner. This is further meant to illuminate the evolution of the “Valentina” series — which is little-discussed in such terms, at least in English — rather than begging direct comparison (which can, of course, be made - but I am not doing that here).

Hey Matt! It looks C.F has a new book coming out '24 Sep 2020' called 'William Softkey and the Purple Spider', seems kinda like the Gameboy looking one he made a few years ago.

Whoa! Thanks Moose! Anthology editions has stealth been a good publisher of comics recently. Their book with Brian Blomerth was excellent. It makes a weird kind of sense that CF's new regular publisher is a record label.

Jeet log off now plz because I AM saying that Valentina is as good as Locas and it's a fool's errand to try and convince me differently.


I tried. I told you to, and I quote, "log off now"... and now 3 weeks later, look at what your failure to listen has wrought. An object lesson to be remembered eternally.

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