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I have been a fan of this podcast from its inception, but this particular episode is one of my favorites. I just want to thank you all for keeping this going, it is the best film podcast and a highlight of my week. Ms. Mattison has been a fantastic addition.

Ah, thanks for sticking with us Ryan!

The podcast has such a noticeable burst of energy in it since the addition of Celia. Even beyond the great commentary and insight that Ms. Mattison brings, it feels as if Tucker and Morgan are reinvigorated and display a noticeable exuberance. I've been listening to the show off and on since 2015, and the last few episodes since her addition have felt like a greatest hits run where everyone is firing on their best cylinders. Just wanted to lend my congratulations as well to the continued success and growth of this phenomenal iteration of the best film podcast around.

Thanks for the kind words

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