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PLEASE NOTE: At one point in this episode, I refer to Grant Morrison using he/him pronouns. This episode was recorded before Morrison noted that their preference is “they/them” - no statement or message was intended by my usage, which was merely in line with typical descriptors of Morrison at that time.

Great episode fellas. If you can fit it in between your reviews of Astro City and the Kingdom Come special issues, how about an episode looking at Anke Feuchtenberger's 'W the Whore' books? I see there's a few copies available on the Domino Books website :D.

Wow that was great to hear, sorry it was my first time. Finally someone questioning writing in comics about psychedelia. It's what I've been doing for years. So true listening to academia talk about it is beyond not worth it. Trouble is for too long the likes of the popular comic folks have been drinking the cool aid of Leary and Huxley. Thus built whole careers on social engineering. I'm sure at some point many worked it out but I doubt all did, as it just doesn't show in the work.

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