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The best comic book podcast talking about the best comic book - this was absolutely excellent. Please do more of these.

I do think End Of Days is much more palatable as a weekly strip in the comic. It might be nothing more than meat and potatoes Dredd, but that's just part of the sprawling buffet that 2000ad delivers up every week. There are short and sweet six-page morality tales, tangy five-parters that often start to sour at the 2/3 mark, and some substantial world-building from a variety of creators in bite-sized chunks. Into that mix, a 10-parter of Dredd beating the shit out of the apocalypse can be a nice change of pace. But because stories like that are the ones that get the collections, and the smaller stories struggle to ever get reprinted, it looks that the mega-epic nonsense is the only real Dredd, when it's really just a taste.

Besides, there was no Wagner Dredd in 2000ad at all this year, so Rob William's spirited imitation is better than nothing.

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