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I’ve never heard Ronin brought up as a major Miller work, but this episode convinced me to track it down.

If you’re taking more listener suggestions, I would really like an episode on Paul Chadwick’s Concrete.

Concrete is an all time top 10 comic for me. You have an advocate sir.

Sweet, thanks Matt!

Great stuff, gents, all I could have hoped for. Hope you do more Miller. He's in an odd position whereby his work has been as influential as Moore but rarely gets talked about.
I do think the race stuff can be thought about a bit more and also the disability theme which runs though Miller. Taggart is a name from Ayn Rand, no? And I thought there is a fair bit of Heinlein in the book.
One of my earliest critical memories as a reader of comics is making a distinction between the Miller approach (where the words/art is totally integrated) and the Claremont (or, really, Stan Lee) approach (where, perhaps unfairly, I saw the words as pasted on and in tension with the art). So picking up that in Miller was one of my path ways to alternative comics.

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