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Whew, almost cut myself on all the edge of all the Cartoonist Kayfabe swipes. Feeling catty, Tucker?

I'm trying to find the episode were one of you guys talks about Concrete but can't. Any chance you can let me know which one it was? Many thanks.

It's not a full episode, but we spent some time talking about "Fragile Creature", mainly Elizabeth Chadwick's colors. We didn't touch much on the meat of it - I feel it's tough to zero in on what makes that comic special by talking about one specific series (or, earlier, issue) because the topical sprawl is what makes it the impressive thing it is, and the base concept is so unavoidably goofy. I couldn't find it with a quick google search but my memory of the recording is that it was done with me and Tucker sharing a room, which probably means it's from between 2012 and early 2014 or so. Happy hunting!

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